Taking Care of Your Custom Wood Furniture

Furniture made of wood or wood-based materials is likely the most commonly found accessory around your home.

Taking Care of Custom Wood Furniture

Whether the piece is antique, brand new, or put together from a cheap kit, they all require a certain amount of care to ensure the best use out of these items. Wood is most vulnerable to:

  • Temperature changes
  • Light
  • Moisture



Approximately a third of the cost of wooden furniture is the time and materials used to coat it. In order to protect the finish and quality of your furniture, make sure to dust regularly.

  • Avoid multi-purpose cleaners.
  • Do not use cheap household cleaners and solutions with ammonia.
  • Use new treated (micro-fiber) wipes to catch and trap dust and hair rather than push into the air or a damp cloth.
  • Do not use paper-towels or window-cleaner on lacquered surfaces.
  • Use one part lemon-oil with three parts olive-oil to create a short-lasting homemade polishing agent.
  • Make sure to remove bits of hair and dust caught in the furniture seams and cracks and decorative features. You can do this using a gentle toothbrush.
  • Keep your wooden furniture out of direct sunlight. (In general, direct UV light is not good for any furniture, dark fabrics, paintings or photographs).



The biggest question when it comes to polishing wood is whether to use oil or wax based polishers. While putting more oil on the surface will attract dust, it is quicker to apply and helps the furniture last longer, by combatting the drying out effect (and why it is used in museums).

But unless you have time to apply oil to your furniture on a daily or weekly basis, wax is the better choice. It will instantly give your furniture a polished look, but not without some work to get the fogginess of the wax out. Dust won’t settle as easily on waxed surfaces, but it does contribute to the wood in your furniture ‘drying out’.

If you find you have excess humidity in the home, you can place the wood furniture on ‘cork coasters’ to raise it from the moisture / ground.


Broken wood furniture

Furniture repair and restoration should be left to a professional. It takes plenty of patience, expertise and delicate care to end up with a long-lasting and durable as well as beautiful product. A professional polishing also once a year can be expensive but will pay for itself in the number of years it will extend the life of your wooden furniture piece.

While we also love the new materials in our industry, there is a timeless and certain old-age charm in wood furniture, creating it and caring for it.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your next custom furniture project or if we can help bring your existing wooden furniture up to date.



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