Nine Benefits of Choosing a Custom Kitchen

The right kitchen design can make or break your kitchen’s function and style — not to mention your budget. Here are some of the top reasons why getting a custom kitchen may end up costing you less long-term.

High Gloss Kitchen

  1. Custom cabinets and cupboards from a cabinetmaker are usually of better quality – depending on what materials you end up using, the size of your space and where you are located.
  2. With custom cabinets, you can truly make the kitchen yours and choose every detail, add amazing features.
  3. You are getting more for your money with a custom cabinetmaker. They give you the option to choose features that may not be available to manufacturers of prefabricated kitchen cupboards, as well as the ability to better design to the shape and style of your particular kitchen.
  4. You are more likely to get great customer service from your cabinetmaker. You can call him or her anytime and ask about the depth, construction, glides and other specifications of any cabinet.
  5. A local custom cabinetmaker can fix things on the spot that don’t quite fit or do other finishing touches that others might not be able to do.
  6. Hardware for the cupboards provided by a custom maker may be better. For example, better quality drawer glides might be a standard solution for custom cupboards but an upgrade for semi-custom solutions.
  7. Custom makers will help you select the wood or material for your custom kitchen cabinet system. You will want to think about the look and feel of different types of materials and wood as well as how well they will stand up to use over time.
  8. A qualified professional is likely to get your job done they way you want it on time. Remember; do not choose a contractor just because he has the lowest quote. Choose your contractor based on his reputation, testimonials, and past work examples.
  9. Environmental impact. If you are concerned about the origin of the materials used for your project, then you will see the benefit of custom cabinetry. You have a much wider choice of materials and wood for your kitchen or custom furniture project including using local or domestic materials that lessen the environmental impact.

The best advice is to research your options thoroughly and make an informed decision based on what is most important to you long-term.

It is also helpful to talk with friends, family, co-workers and see if they, or someone they know, have done a similar project and could recommend someone. You can also check what people say on Twitter, Facebook, Google or Yelp.


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